Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now is as good a time as ever!

I finally have gotten a cohesive body of art work and tattoo related designs put together in a portfolio. My girlfriend really helped me weed through all of the work that didn't fit and helped me create a flow/"story" you could follow through the work. I'm pretty proud of it, actually really proud, when I stand back I think that I have a lot of talent and if I dedicate myself to tattooing like I want to, I could be pretty damn good at it someday.

I've been researching tattoo schools in the area and my top to are Icon, and Adorn, the work of the artists there is a pretty high caliber, it doesn't mean they are great teachers, but are people I would want to learn from nonetheless. I'm also going to look into Star Tattoo (where I got my first two tattoos) and Captain Jacks.

It sounds like Icon isn't taking any more apprentices at the moment so I'm really hoping Adorn is an option, but who knows what their time commitment is, I know Captain Jacks is flexible and my schedule would work there. We will see where the wind blows me in the very near future...

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