Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something Citrus

So I finally got my ass back in gear and decided I should practice some more. I have been busy with work, prepping for hunting season, and remodeling the bathroom but needed to do some art and have been pissed at myself for watching television (Iron Chef, The Ultimate Fighter, Mythbusters, you know stuff that really matters).

Anyways I thought I would do my initials from the typography set that I just completed since I really like them. I will look at past blogs to see if I posted them, if not I will do it tomorrow. Since I'm lacking good transfer paper and suck I free handed the letters onto the grapefruit which wasn't so difficult in that I can't draw but my permanent markers kept drying up on me, there must have been a wax coating on the grapefruit, so that took longer than I was really planning.

I had an unexpected surprise working because one of my three machines went out, I used the chrome one that I thought was really chintzy and cheap looking. Even though it is heavier it turns out this thing kicks some major ass, love it in fact. I also need to send my other machine back and see if they will send me one that doesn't heat up to the point of burning my hand within 15 minutes.

First I outlined my shapes with a 9 round because the outlines are meant to be thicker, then I filled the solid black.

Then I changed my grip and needle to a 3 round and added the little diamond flourish insides the letters followed by adding the beveled edge. I really could decide if I wanted to stick to my type sets I made or not but decided to switch back to the 9 round and just started filling them with red, it looked better than I hoped but it still didn't quite feel finished so I added white pigment to the beveled edge to highlight it and make it stick out more.

I didn't use the photomerge in Photoshop so the letters don't exactly match up but they aren't different in size they all fit and flow like they should. I suppose the next thing I really need to start working on is nailing down this shading thing because flat filling ink is pretty easy.

Anyways since there is no beer or scotch in the house I'm going to have a healthy glass of water and ice my ankle, good night Forest Grove.

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  1. Yeah!! I've been practicing on the fruits as well. NEW2TATTOO link found on 365-skulls